Support the Board Goals

  1. A fiscally responsible district.
  2. Dedicated in supporting all families at school and at home for life-long learning success by maintaining ongoing open communications with students, parents, staff and community.
  3. Providing instructional leadership and quality professional development for all staff.
  4. Aligned to support students through rigorous curriculum, instruction and leadership.
  5. Creating a safe environment of respectful, responsible and motivated individuals.

Meet the Administration (as available and willing)

  1. Met with the Superintendent on Friday (September 16th), was able to discuss and gain insight into the district's plans and performance.  The overall outcomes were as follows.
    1. As a board member we play a critical role in working as a team to support the future of the district.
    2. SFISD is growing, and expansion will be required.
    3. The performance of the district continues to improve, small yet scalable and sustainable steps are taking place to continue.

Overall, as a board candidate, what I know is that I won't have the full story until I am elected.  What I am counting on is that I have the background, dedication and opportunity to see our district grow and improve.


for SFISD School Board, Position 2​